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Do I need to upgrade my computer?

We get asked this a lot. The answer is subjective, and of course what you need to use your computer for. If your time is money, and you are using your computer for work, then get something where the load times are barely noticeable. Over time, the cost of the upgraded machine is simply an investment that increases the amount of quality work each employee does. At the same time, we want something...

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5 tips for a faster computer

Even a new computer can seem sluggish without proper configuration. Here are five simple things that can be done to speed things up and even breathe new life into your old machine. 1. Clone your old “spinner” hard drive to a new, faster SSD 2. Change some of the resource hogging graphical settings 3. Make sure your ISP and network are providing the best connections possible 4. 5. &...

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Work From Home (Free & Easy)

  Unable to get to work? Need files you downloaded on another computer? Want to collaborate with others in real-time, remotely? We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite programs to help you work from home. These programs cover a large portion of what is known as “cloud computing”!

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What Antivirus is best?

Let’s face it, you have a computer, it’s connected to the internet and needs protection. With the increased flow of information online that should be secure, cyber security criminals have increased their efforts to gain access to our private data, and even hold it ransom. There are literally billions of chunks of malicious code out there, with millions more being created daily. Subsequently, protection...

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