Computer Service

  • Security

    Our full cybersecurity suite of protection against viruses, ransomware and nasty websites.

  • Backups

    Protection for your important data in the event of computer failure.

  • Upgrades

    Bring old computers up to speed, or get a new computer and transfer your data.

  • Support

    Add us to your team with remote monitoring and priority support.

  • Mac & PC

    We offer support for both Windows and Mac computers.


  • Modems

    Let us deal with your internet provider and get your new modem set up.

  • Routers

    Routers distribute your internet through your house using ethernet cables or wifi.

  • Storage

    Network Attached Storage is a reliable storage solution that you control without the cloud.

  • Firewall

    A hardware firewall is a specialized device to enhance the security of your network.

Cloud Services

  • Email

    Support for all major email providers and Google Workspace for custom addresses.

  • Backup

    Cloud backups keep your data safe by storing it redundantly on the internet.

  • Sync

    Sync multiple computers to act like the same computer by syncing files and settings.

  • Recovery

    If you think something went went wrong with your cloud data, we may be able to help.