TekNow Services

Computer support services you can trust, especially in the cloud.

We understand how hard it can be to find good help these days.  TekNow Services is here to help make technology work for you.  We specialize in providing support for your PC and Mac computers, and eliminating the frustrations in today’s complex computing environment.  We have been supporting electronic lifestyles for over 20 years now, and because of the  internet, that support is available regardless of how near or far you roam. The ever increasing power of computing and the internet, has generated a landscape of too many choices, and not enough providers with solutions.  We provide one on one, concierge styled electronic lifestyle support service, catering to your present and future computer and electronics needs. We are personable and love to fix problems, so call us, the consultation is free.

TekNOW Services Mission Statement

We started TekNow Services when we saw a niche in the market for high quality computer services.  Our mission has been to offer one on one services to our clients that are highly personalized and tailored to suit their needs.  Although we offer many technical services through TekNow, we have a strong focus on making sure the tools you use to maintain an electronic lifestyle, are working for you, with minimal effort on your part. TekNow can care for you and the devices you regularly use to make sure they work when you need them.  We can also be your technical liaison, or translator, for those complicated jobs where you need someone on your side to help you make sense of it all.  We can teach you how we do things so you can help yourself, or we can just get the job done, saving you time and frustration. Our main goal is to make technology work for you.  That means making complicated things simpler.  No matter how frustrating the technology is for you, we can provide a solution.  We are personable and love to fix problems, so call us, the consultation is free.