Train Your Employees in Tech

Train Your Employees in Tech

Sometimes we all take it for granted that others have basic knowledge of tech, but it is always important to reiterate this for employees in the workplace that may be unclear on their responsibilities regarding company information. The weakest point of any security system is the human factor. 

Employee Training and Documentation

Make sure people in your company are trained on what is in their role as far as tech is concerned. A lot of employees work with sensitive data everyday, and it helps to give a tour of the dos and don’ts of the role they play in the company. Sometimes it may seem like overkill to have documentation for each role and what to do, but it saves time on training. This means there is a balancing act to how well documented you want each role to be on paper (digital paper of course). It takes time to write documentation but saves time and ensures quality and security. 

Company Policies 

This one is an essential for any company with more than 1 employee in our opinion. The simplest method is to have a single policy that goes over all of your technology policies. It would have a section for password policies, information sharing policies, and company laptop usage policies among others. Users would be required to read and sign this policy each year. Moving up in the formality chain, we have a multi-part signature section with explicit dos and don’ts in legalese.

Regular Training

Some companies use a quick employee training video a few times per year to reiterate security policies and touch on modern-day scams happening in and outside the company. When a company is dealing with storing credit card data or other sensitive info, it can be good to make this type of training material before a yearly signing that they understand the company policy and their role in it. 

Our Views

One of our biggest type of jobs is when a client wasn’t sure on an internal company procedure. Whether that led to a virus on a free movie website, or someone rewiring the networking equipment, we’ve seen a ton of scenarios. We know it’s impossible for us to lay out every possibility for our own company, but some simple internal-use policies are important to make sure accountability is there.