Work From Home (Free & Easy)

Working from home

Unable to get to work? Need files you downloaded on another computer? Want to collaborate with others in real-time, remotely?
We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite programs to help you work from home. These programs cover a large portion of what is known as “cloud computing”!


This powerful program allows you to use your computer from anywhere!

With Teamviewer,  you can use your laptop at home to work on your office computer.

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Google Drive.

This program is similar to the popular “Drop Box,” but BETTER!

It offers free cloud storage, file synchronization, and the ability to collaborate with your team in real-time!

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This program is currently a global favorite for Video Conferencing with your team.

Features such as recording, whiteboarding, and remote desktop sharing are available.

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 We chose these programs because they work well together on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers. They also have apps that work well on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices.  These programs will help you make the leap into cloud computing for little more than a small investment in time.  If you need help setting it up and testing it out, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help.

“Making technology work for you”