How Much Security Do I need?

How Much Security Do I need?

Computer security is a hot topic recently. People ask us frequently what level of protection they need going forward. Here is our rundown on the most important parts of security and who should be using them. See below for full descriptions.


 Home     1-50 Employees     50+ Employees  
Training Y Y Y
Antivirus Y Y Y
Passwords Y Y Y
2-Factor Authentication     Y Y Y
Backups M Y Y
Security Monitoring M Y Y
Computer Monitoring M Y Y
Device Encryption M Y Y
Device Management N M Y
On-Premise emails N N M
Remote Lock/Wipe N M Y
Hardware Firewall N M Y


What is this security stuff anyway?

Training – Everyone everywhere needs regular training and basic awareness of security

Antivirus – Tries to block viruses from being installed on your computer.

Passwords – Your computers and accounts need unique login passwords that are secure

2-Factor Authentication – Nobody likes the text-message login codes but they are pretty secure

Backups – It depends on how you use your computer, but backups allow recovery from lost or stolen data such as from hardware failure or ransomware

Computer Monitoring – Your computer reports its health to a central server so an actual human being can respond

Device Encryption – Make sure laptop theft doesn’t mean data theft. Scramble your data. 

Device Management – Your company laptop can be tracked and accounts are centrally managed

Remote Lock and Wipe – Company assets can be remotely locked or wiped

On-Premise Emails and Data – Your email and data server is hosted at your office


Everyone needs antivirus, training and good passwords. For businesses, backups, encryption and device monitoring become a type of insurance against data loss. For companies with 50 or more employees, it starts to make sense to bring your security and data in-house. Use the level of security that fits your needs.