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Opinion: The Future of Tech

The Future of Tech

Yeah so this one is just a fun little article we decided to write. Who really knows what is going to happen in the future, but it’s fun to guess, right? Here are some of our loose predictions for the future of the tech industry:

Cloud Desktops

This has been around for a long time, but it is basically a virtual desktop (like Windows) that you can access from any device (like your iPad or Laptop). The actual copy of Windows would run in the cloud, meaning your files would live in a secure place rather than on the device you carry with you. It means you’d subscribe to your desktop, and buy what basically amounts to throw-away devices for your personal computer. These throw-away computers would simply have the goal of connecting you to your real desktop with all the horsepower in the cloud. Yeah, kinda abstract, but this concept seems to be able to become economically feasible. 

Virtual Reality

Yeah something big is about to happen. VR is a real thing, web 3.0 is coming, the future is currently uncertain as to what technology or company is going to take the initial foothold in this game. We are right on the edge of realistic VR for the masses. Scrabble with grandma, or fishing with your buddy. 

Open Source / GNU / Linux

The name Linux has been floating around for a long time now, but we are seeing a wider adoption of this open source alternative to Windows and Mac than before for desktop computers. Linux already runs a huge portion of the servers in the world, but we predict this OS is going to at least make a dent on the OS market in the 2020’s. 


This article is simply speculation, and is meant as something different. Take anything with a pinch of salt here, because by the time you read it this may have already been proven wrong!