Drive Recovery

We know how important your data is, especially when it’s in danger of being lost…

Drive recovery is a disaster response service where we try to recover lost files, documents, pictures, or whatever data may be lost. If you are running backups that will be the first place we check, but if you have none there are other options. Depending on what the lost data is stored on, we can use the tools we have to try and read data from otherwise unusable devices like hard drives or USB sticks. We also offer cloud data recovery for files that may have been lost in cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. The key to data recovery is time, the longer the data has been lost the harder it is to recover. Each attempt at recovery runs the risk of damaging the data, so try to have someone work on the drive with the skills to not damage it further.

  • Hard drive data recovery
  • Cloud services data recovery (Dropbox, Drive, etc)
  • Lost files on the computer
  • Recover deleted files